Once you become a member in our families PMA 

I can help you with drafting your own foundation documents when you are ready to become a founding trustee for a new PMA. You will gain access to all kinds of educational information to support you in becoming more secure in various ways. Learning is available for entry level to gardening and animal husbandry, supported with clear ecological principles to help you improve your lands fertility through understanding how to support natural processes. Also lots of  informations about PMAs!  With a the group of your friends who you might be already doing projects with might fit better within the PMA structure and have your project supported even more and help it to expand and contribute back to all of the members through a ripple like effect and the benefits would continue to be available  for all the new members who would join your PMA!


So many of us have been seeking solutions to personal challenges induced by this now world wide crisis, it is very natural for us to be adjusting now and possibly wanting to change how and where we live, and even our goals may have chanced immensely during these past two year.

Turns out our ancestors, both recent and far back in time have left us some very good old social tools!

We are able to link our goals and visions for community transformation through the old structure of Private Membership Associations very easily in some key areas of of our lives and do so with tremendous fresh creativity while still maintaining civil connections with the every day activities within the Public Domain.

Our vision for this PMA is to support you on your journey of participating and literally creating the change you know is possible and needed right here, right now for your life and the lives of the people you love. By joining our PMA I can help you draft your own PMA foundation Documents.

All my educational information is made available to the membership through a private area on this site, so all our recordings we have together and other research information is stored for the approved members there. I offer my support through the gift arrangement thus there is no direct fee or charge to join or learn. There is such a need now I see money becoming a serious barrier for people to access helpful support and solid useful information and this is why we have chosen to offer our help to others in this new way through a PMA.

Called Living in the Gift

To begin the application process you can use this link below to send us a letter so we can get acquainted and please feel free to share what has brought you here and to be interested in learn more about PMAs!


You are on your way now!

How to plan a garden to feed your family!

Solid guidance to draft your own PMA foundation documents

Planetary land restoration is possible!