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I can help you with drafting your own PMA foundation Documents, and help you with regenerative agricultural decision making principles and methods to support a transition in living if you are interested in greater ecological harmony through higher levels of personal production and self sufficiency in addition to supporting you with drafting your own PMA foundation Documents if you decide to go in these direction together!

Many things can be supported through Private Membership Associations ! 

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Is it really possible to transform how our physical needs are met through the natural world?

 Create a life that meets the physical, spiritual, and financial needs for all mankind!

- Through the Path of Healing -

As we heal ourselves we heal our relationships with everything and everyone including the natural world!!

Private Membership Associations are a tool to help us do it through!

The 4 Cornered Table 

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Together we can support meaningful transformation!

I will share my 30 years of ecological food production skills &

how to create, understand and interact through PMAs 

While we work hard for our physical needs let's not forget to feed our SOULS too!

Greetings to all my potential new adopted friends!

I am so glad you have found me and are curious about my work which is better described as my chosen area of service and dedication for the betterment of my fellow man and the natural world.

You may have heard me speak about the Private Domain and PMAs or "Private Membership Associations" and you are interested in a greater understanding of what a PMA really is and what it means to join mine!

I am setting up an arrangement so I can share as freely and openly as possible with as many people as possible. I am a trained advisor by David Edwards and educated and supported through his organization called PMApower. I can assist groups or individuals with launching their own PMA, how to understand the Private Domain and how it can help you. I offer agricultural education, encourage spiritual well being, and assistance in writing PMA foundation documents if you choose to establish your own PMA! Everything I do is based within the gift economy through my own family PMA, called The 4 cornered Table. 

The Private Domain differs from the Public Domain because the latter enables the majority of all business to take place between strangers. Connections are solely established for the purpose of transacting a currency for products eliminating the personal values, goals or priorities of each party during the process, giving parties no tangible bearing on the transactions occurring. In the Private Domain it is rather the opposite and the sharing of common values and goals is an important part of the purpose for the exchanges and interactions between the members.

Before I begin to go into greater details I would like to explain that I offer my services through what is described as the ‘gift’ economy. Meaning, I don’t directly charge a set fee or rate for my services. Rather I am open to assisting people who in their own personal and private life have made a decision to put their foot to the path of practical transformation in how they interact with other people and the natural world. If you would like to give me a gift or a donation as your heart might move you I would always appreciate your kind generosity of course and I will continue to help others. However, I want to stress that if I decided to help you I would never want you to give me a gift that would be beyond your circumstances or as an obligation, but rather only what you feel too and able too, or you give me the opportunity to give you a gift freely from my heart as well.  Since I am only one woman balancing my time between my family and my work as a farmer. My help would be an example of my gift to you and my service to the greater well being of humanity and the natural world. That being said I need to reserve the right to offer my help to whom I feel most comfortable to assist, and to determine if my abilities are suiting to your needs.

Why would I make such a choice to offer my help in the private domain rather than just set up a business in the public under government management and regulation controls? Because I see a significant need for people in our modern society to become reacquainted with the value and benefits of the private domain. In my view the private domain has many benefits and is the best arrangement for me to support everyone interested in connecting with me .

If you are really interested in learning more please contact me tell me a little bit about yourself, why you're interested in PMA's, and how you feel my PMA will be able to benefit you. 

Once we get to know each other I'll direct you in what steps to take going forward. Remember, a membership in my PMA is the only pathway to engage with me and the various ways I might offer assistance to you.  

I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

New friends for a new time, 

Jackoline Milne

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