Jackoline Milne




Jackoline  Milne, the creator, organizer, and teacher of all the training workshop lessons used in Northern Farm Training Institute  programs since 2013. She is a local Hay River NWT French Métis woman with over 25 years of successful food and market production gardening along with old fashioned animal husbandry.

Her interests began years ago with seeking knowledge on how to safely provide a reliable food supply for her family, but soon Jackoline noticed how interested other people were in what she was doing. For a time she was hired by the GNWT to run workshops and travel to many of the communities around the Northwest Territories. This is when she was exposed to the true conditions and discovered the depth and breadth of learning that Northerners needed as well as many other people interested in restoring personal food skill sufficiency. It is totally natural for all of us to want to know ‘How can we feed ourselves?’

During her personal journey to family food skill sufficiency she was taught through the Savory Institute and directly by Allan Savory, and at the beginning of her career she followed the traditional public route and became a professional educator with that registered US organization. She is also educated and certified through Geoff Lawton's Permaculture program which is hosted in Australia and on line. She let those old style of Public recognitions and permissions go so she could fully support others to comprehend clearly the limits and possibilities small groups of people are capable of creating together when holding a clear common vision within the Private Domain! 

She took a sharp turn so to speak once she discovered all what can be created within and accomplished through the Private Domain. She became highly motivated to share this dusty opportunity with the people of today. So many find ourselves almost stuck in the Public Domain  which has become very dominate and restrictive while the Public Domain equally becoming  neglected from our awareness and understanding. 

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