Here is where you can learn about my family's PMA and request a membership! 

Our family is of mixed background, our parents were the generation of kids that still got born in the country to farmers but then found themselves moved to the city with their parents. 

My mother and Grandma to my children has joined me and my eldest daughter to found this PMA, because The 4 Cornered Table is the best way we feel confident to help find not just a solution, but a good way to recombine broken pieces and build something new based on simple but powerful principles of nature.

I got to live with my eldest grandmother for a time as a young adult it was so precious on many levels, and she told me stories and gave birth to her children on her farm. 

The 4 Cornered Table PMA

Through this private membership you will gain access to the many live educational workshops and other helpful information shared through the membership. All designed to help you establish and understand what PMAs are and how to use PMAs to contribute to making the world a better place, in the place where you immediate are with the people you care about.

There will be various benefits through the membership, access to files, support from other members on various topics connected to regenerative lifestyles and related supporting research.

There will be different types of memberships available and special subscriptions for research publications, all connected to your level of interest and involvement.

Many topics connected to farming and self-sufficient living, of course!!!

We look forwards to meeting you in the Private Domain soon!

Are you interested in  doing something real - right here, right now? Are you ready to participate through a traditional structure to support others while being supported?

Become a private member in our PMA The 4 Cornered Table to begin!

This old, but what many think is a new platform called PMAs is how I am offering my educational support from now on. It is the most adaptable system I have come across in all the years of my searching. This is a traditional way to support others while being supported. It is enabling me to start sharing and teach the membership to empower all of our lives together at the same time. Please understand if you are new give yourself time to really read over the membership agreement carefully once I send it. It's time for us all to make informed decision now. Once I receive a short letter from you telling me a bit about yourself and why you are interested in PMAs and joining ours I can send you more information! Meet you over on the other side!